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Landesgemeinschaft Naturschutz und Umwelt NRW e.V.

Paracelsusstr. 68
53177 Bonn

Telefon: +49 228/3696879
Telefax: +49 228/3696879
Adresse e-mail:hermannjroth@aol.de
Interlocuteur: Roth, Dr. Hermann Josef

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The "Landesgemeinschaft Naturschutz und Umwelt Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V. (LNU)" (regional community for nature conservation and environment North-Rhine-Westphalia) promotes nature conservation and environmental protection. It strengthens its political importance by a union of the organizations that are active in this field. It sees itself as a lawyer of the interests of nature and environment and is independent of any political party.

As an umbrella organization the "LNU" is a union of - at present 75 - associations of voluntary nature conservation with approximately 300,000 individual members. The "LNU" was founded in Düsseldorf on May 11, 1976, and recognized in 1980 according to § 29 of the Federal Nature Conservation Law as the first nature conservation association in North-Rhine-Westphalia. This recognition includes that authorities and offices have to give the "LNU" a share in certain planning and authorization processes. In addition to that, the "LNU" is represented in many bodies, advisory councils and committees of the Land. The "LNU" organizes further vocational training courses.

Hermann Josef Roth, born in Montabaur in 1938, is vice-principal for biology, chemistry and religion and head of section for biology. In addition to that, he is the editor of "Biologie regional", member of the advisory council at the "Oberste Landschaftsbehörde des Landes NRW" (supreme landscape authority of the Land North-Rhine-Westphalia), member of the "Stiftungsrates der Nordrhein-Westfalen-Stiftung für Naturschutz, Heimat- und Kulturpflege" (foundation council of the North-Rhine-Westphalia-foundation for nature conservation, care of the native country and culture) and member of the board of trustees of the "Naturschutzakademie Nordrhein-Westfalen" (academy of nature conservation of North-Rhine-Westphalia), chairman of the "Landesgemeinschaft Naturschutz und Umwelt NRW" (regional community for nature conservation and environment North-Rhine-Westphalia), member of the board of the "Bergischer Naturschutzverein" (nature conservation association for the hills area to the East of Cologne) and the foundation ÖKOGLOBAL at the "Deutscher Naturschutzring" (German nature conservation circle), member of the advisory council at the "Rheinischer Verein für Denkmalpflege und Landschaftsschutz" (Rhenish association for preservation of historical monuments and landscape protection), founder of the "Rucksackschule Westerwald" (rucksack school of the Westerwald) and "Bundesfachwart" for nature conservation in the association of German mountain and hiking clubs.

We can give expert advice to other net participants in the fields of nature conservation, cultural landscape conservation and the Third World, we can deliver expert opinions, give lectures and communicate up-to-date specialist information and arrange for contacts.


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