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Welcome to the Netzkraft Movement!

  • International network of persons and groups who commit themselves - socially, politically, ecologically or spiritually
  • Based on the willingness to meet other net participants and to support them if possible: principle of solidarity
  • Basic consensus of three common objectives:
    • International body for peace, human rights and environment within the United Nations
    • Sustainable ecological-social economic development
    • Decentralization of political power

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01.11.2017 - Society for the Welfare of Autistic Children (SWAC) :

Workshop on Autism was held: Workshop on Autism was held on 28 October, 2017 at Chamber of Commerce Auditorium Rangamati, Mr Dipankar Talukder , former state minister was presen ... more

31.10.2017 - Leapfrog e.V. :

Bitte verhelft den Teilnehmern unserer Computerkurse in Kenia und Kamerun zu 1000 EUR! Geht ganz einfach und kostet nichts. Bitte stimmt hier einmal für Leapfrog e.V. ab. Die erst ... more

19.10.2017 - Sanna´s Foundation for the Needy (SFN) :

Peace Education: Today we where bless to lunch our educational project call Peace Education. This project is one of the many that Sanna's Foundation and International Woman Peace G ... more

09.10.2017 - Volunteer Action for Change Kenya (VACK) :

Volunteers needed to join us in the following project areas: Education - Tutoring local children in Nairobi or Mombasa Conservation - Being part of conservation work of both natu ... more