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Welcome to the Netzkraft Movement!

  • International network of persons and groups who commit themselves - socially, politically, ecologically or spiritually
  • Is based on the willingness to meet other net participants and to support them if possible: principle of solidarity
  • Basic consensus of three common objectives:
    • International body for peace, human rights and environment within the United Nations
    • Sustainable ecological-social economic development
    • Decentralization of political power

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10.11.2015 - Our Generation Voluntary Organization (OGVO) :

To become a OGVO Team Leader it’s really simple! All you have to do is convince 10 of your friends, colleagues or acquaintances to volunteer abroad with you and you travel comple ... more

25.08.2015 - Kibuku Community Centre (KCOC):

Application for membership and volunteers are now available upon request. Please If interested to become a member or to volunteer with Kibuku Community Centre in Eastern Uganda ple ... more

11.08.2015 - IG "Der Weg - zurück ins Leben" :

Am Freitag den 14. August 2015 von 19.00 - 21.00 Uhr Treffen der Selbsthilfegruppe I "Betroffene von Depresion" Am Freitag den 21. August 2015 von 19.00 - 21.00 Uhr Treffen der ... more

11.08.2015 - Community Partners for Sustainable Development – COPSUD:

The Community partners for sustainable development(COPSUD); working in the domain of local governance recently held a working session with authorities of the Nkum Council in Bui di ... more